Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is one angry since he/she has felt Inferior?

"The reason for anger is someone or something made you feel inferior"

Was just thinking if there is any other reason for it.. I was especially researching some spiritual articles on it....

Oops did I mention research, sorry only searching...
On a different note other day one of my friend’s fb status read "Copying one person’s findings is called plagiarism and that of many is Research!!"

Anyways back to the point...

Different scenarios...

1. A small child got angry since the Teacher scolded him/her in school for not doing homework/ for doing mischief etc.
If there has been anger it makes us think is there something that made him feel inferior....?

2. As a teenager one might have got angry of himself of his own marks/ score/ appearance / public statement etc..
Was it because he/she felt inferior......?

3. You are angry of the discrimination of grades that you or your close friend has got! Since you or your circle things a person X is smarter than person Y? Here did you feel inferior... debatable... but did you feel something unfair to the person X..?
Did you feel the person X has been giving status/marks/grades of inferior quality than he deserves?

4. You might be sad if not angry when you or your close friend or close relative or just someone you know has not got a deserved promotion/ raise / position / designation etc.... Did you feel that person X again has been put in a position Inferior to his surroundings...?

Are there too many questions... :-D, ok let me shoot the last one... ;-)

5. Have you heard your friend's or relative's or at least seen on TV (;-)) bride or groom's parents dis- agreeing to a wedding proposal due to various reasons (don’t want to mention... haha ) as they feel the guy/gal doesn’t MATCH.... Does it mean that person Y proposing to person X is in some way inferior to expectation based on the perception of how it happens in surroundings around the parents....?

If you are still with me..... and has an affirmative answer on all of this... Please continue else...
kindly drop you dis-agreement comment... ;-)

If you would have noticed last 2 questions has a mention of something additional to “Inferior” and that is “Surroundings” !

Does all the feeling of being inferior is rooted in perception of relative “Surrounding”?

I had read an interesting story in TOI or ET – Editorial if I am not mistaken..
A saint repeatedly picks up a crab from a sea-shore to save it from drowning since drops it couple of times because of being bitten in return before he could successfully move it out. An on-looker asks why try again inspite of being bitten. The saint replies – Its his nature to bite, why should I lose my saintly nature as a reaction?

Bhagvad Gita mentions the inherent nature of the person is to be in a state of Bliss,

And what we can deduce is we lose our own Blissful Nature as a part of reaction to our restricted perception of Surroundings which makes us feel inferior… Do we?

Next time you feel angry – just think "What is making me feel Inferior?" – let me know how you feel ;-)


Kiran Hegde

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rangoli & Cubicle Decoration Competition in Office :-)

After a long long time this was a participation attempt at some competition - This time it was Rangoli...
With a sub-cousious ney arising out of laziness grown out of getting into organizing events every time at work place. On one side being crazy about event organizing & also having organized close to dozen+ full fleged 1-2 days cultural events consisting of popular competitions (viz. Dance, Singing, Plays etc..) had put up an impression on my mind that participation isnt that interesting.. How ever I was wrong :-D....

"1 missed call !" - Oops who called?
Ohh Manish Babel - my team mate, I recalled he and Ashwini had gone to get Rangoli for the competition and seems like they are back... I went to the location with an idea of helping a bit and coming back as early as I can...

How ever with four of us from the same team (me, Manish, Ashwini & Keerti) it went on...

till it was

With Legs still aching next day but very content at heart with this small accomplishment admist considerable teasing (for our software lingo usage and disbelief in our creativity perhaps due to our Geeky or Nerdy image :-P), constant advising (on how the rangoli could get better) and appreciation (that it looks good!! :-) :-))

This design was brain-child of Sachin who gave us not only this idea but a detailed design on the National Integration Theme.

Parrellely there was Cubile Decoration going on as well,

As we moved taking pics of the mesmerising themes & decoration...
They are as follows :

As we moved on feasting on the awesome decoration, witnessing traditionally dressed friends representing different cultural traditions made us silently proud to be home to such beautiful values and wonder at who creates issues :-D
Happy Deepawali & a Prosperous New Year!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


आज कोई सुकून ख़ास हैं !
बेवजह कोई ख़ुशी का एहसास हैं !
धीमे गुजरते वक़्त में नजाने क्यों,
कोई अंजानी सी महक - ख़ास हैं !

ख़ुशी को ढूंडनेमें लगा था शायद कही,
कहा ऊपर वाले से - कोई तलाश हैं कही,
वोह लौ हवा के झोके से कुछ य़ू हिला,
और मन में ख्याल आया
सुकून की तलाश हैं शायद कही !

सुकून देने वाली जगह सोच रहा था !
वोह शांत, निशाब्ध वातावरण सोच रहा था !
वोह खामोश प्रतिवेश और परियावरण सोच रहा था !
फिर समाज आई,
सुकून तो अभी यहाँ भी हैं !
इन वाहनों के ध्वनि के बिच भी हैं !
सुकून तो शायद मन में ही हैं !

इसे ढूंडते गलत दिशा में, हम हैं !
प्रतिकूल परिस्तिथियाँ बनाता मन हैं !
अनुकूल होने  पर भी होती ख़ुशी कम हैं !
मन में हो अगर सुकून तो,
क्लिष्ट, कठिन  और मुश्किल -  नहीं कुछ हैं !
सरल और सहज बन जाए हर काम इस तरह,
की वोह मिटाती हर गम हैं !
और बस जाती मन में,
शांतता और सुकून हैं !
- किरण हेगड़े

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fanatism and its self justified application!

“Buggers open the doors!!!”

“Chikuuuuuuuuuu”  Saleem and Ronald shouted as Chetan had barely entered in and  were waiting since morning as they were looking fwd to meet their college mate who had returned back to India after his masters.

“Aaaahhh ” They almost pounced on him, kicked & punched him with all the collegian bad words they had left in their vocabulary after entering professional life…

Gasping for breath Chetan shouted “Buggers gimme water, idiots don’t even ask for water rather they treat with kicks…huh!!”

Thuddddd…. Ronald threw the bottle.. Chiku could have been almost hit in the head...but for his good catch.

Eventually they forgot everything as they were recollecting college memories and later encounters with a term called “Life!”

They heard something, some humming, till they oriented their ears in that direction. “Some one’s singing national anthem” said Chetan.

“Stand up guys” replied Ronald.

“Lo behold ur patriotism” said Chetan who always tried to taunt him at his fanaticism towards his religion. As the National anthem came to pause, trying to sit again he murmured,

“How come people now-a-days have so much patriotism left when all other supposed to be equnanimous values are dying in name of religion, caste & linguistic fanaticism?”

“It’s because its taught in the school perhaps, but why the hell do u bother?” replied Saleem as he continued “2 years in US haven’t changed you much” who had been close witness to two deeply religious, spiritual friends with one big difference viz. one is extremely secular (Chetan) and other one was perfect fanatic (Ronald).

“True! But if schools had so much impact they should be or already have been teaching lot other stuff too!”


“Controlling lot of negative emotions like its mentioned in Gita”

“Ronny where are u going” asked Saleem as he saw Ronniee getting up..

“Got a call to make.....”

Saleem gave a weird nod which clearly showed he knew that he moved as soon as there is a mention about Gita shloka

Three good friends who are very bonded to each other and seeming surprising difference thought Saleem just before his quickly added “You were saying something Chiku...”

Yeah the mention of practicing nonviolence, truthfulness, freedom from anger, tranquility, aversion to faultfinding, compassion and freedom from covetousness; gentleness, modesty and steady determination; vigor, forgiveness, fortitude, cleanliness, freedom from envy and the passion for honor”

Saleem and Chiku had discussed Quran and Gita numerous times and in their then shared apartment’s small worship Stand (call it home temple or mosque) and they always kept both together.

Saleem, Chiku and Ronny always visited temples, mosques and churches before exams with one exception Ronny would choose to stand out or leave for other places.

“These type of acute favoritism spring with lessons from home or spiritual places acquaintances, what say??” asked Chetan

“Hmmm, yes perhaps.. !” Saleem replied “But…


“That’s exactly why you married to your caste girl, although Ronny had guts to have a Puneri Girl?” commented Saleem trying to pull his legs since he was one who although secular believed in marrying his own caste girl..

“Cmon I wasn’t committed to anyone..” replied Chetan

“You Fattuu..”

“Ohh cmon, with girls.. Naayyyy”

“No with ur parents.. Yaayyyy” replied Salmeem

“Hieee Guys!!!” came a loud female voice interrupting them

Seeing her first thing that came to both Chiku’s and Saud’s mind was her long linguistic fanatic discussion

Wherein she was kind of a person who had been almost fighting for a long time to go to Mecca of IT guys viz.US with her manager and had reservations with other place people migrating to her city

and they always thought

God save Ronny & Neeta and their respective fanatism!

“Hey Chikkuu. ... How are you doing man? !!”

“Not too bad yaar… how abt u???”

“Ohhh gooshh!! U.S. terms.. Not too bad. .  haan”

Chetan was kinda embarrassed but he know internally he wasn’t masquerading but out of habit formed over a period of time.

“So when are you getting there..”

“Ahhh… me naa!!! In 2-3 months may be..” replied Neeta

“And I am happy that’s this had been going on since a year.. hahaha” interrupted Ronnie.

“What re Ronniee.. kuchkat!!!” Her big round eyes now had turned little Red..

“Saheb.. aap ka Stop aa gaya!!”

Chetan was woked up by the bus conductor

“Ohhh daamm... Ji haannn!!”

Daam thing, my don’t generalize old memories still haunt me in my dreams
Friends are friends & are independent of their thinking!!

Friends are friends not matter what they think of everything else!

P.S. This is purely fictional and has no resemblance to any person, caste, religion and its doesn’t describe behavior patterns of any caste or creed rather people of both views (secular & fanatic) exist in all places who are staying together & In spite of being staying together good friends many a times have different beliefs

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Actual Lessons to Understand!

From the time we are born through
The time, on our own that we start to stand
And till the eternity as it seems we have to understand
A feeble memory exists in the memory
When first was I asked, "Did you under stand?"

Sports I played hard and hurt many a times
Always it begun with a failure which I could hardly stand
Spell bound with game intricacies
That I tried hard to understand
Sportsmanship, Fair play & the patient endurance
Were the actual lessons I had to understand!

Books I read to score good and to top
Read & practiced till I knew it by heart
Thinking sometimes about the wisdom of history
Can it be sometimes be really of any use to me
And the geographical boundaries could I really travel
But then it struck that Education actually
Gives knowledge more than you need 
And that’s the actual lesson I had to understand

Being small I always wanted to grow up
But growing up destroyed many many small childhood joys
Being an audience I always wanted to anchor
Anchoring though gave me highs and pleasure
But calmness of being Audience was lost forever
With pleasure of something that was conquered
And that’s the actual lesson I had to understand

While Learning to drive I loved to gaze at pace
When the fear was conquered,
It was thrilling in its own ways
But all in all it was not that worth the risk
Neither the race nor the reckless breeze
And that’s the actual lesson I had to understand

In the frames of general usual passing life
In a spontaneous growing old we learn that we should grow wise
Joys & sorrows which shows friends & seasonal friends like wise
Learning to shrug the failure & the criticism was nice
And Nicer was separating stupid comments alike
An unending learning, continuously unfolding an interesting mystery
Thereby making a small regular each one of us’s Life
Challengingly beautiful in its own way & style
Rather than just a repeat of anyone else’s History & Lifestyle
And that’s the actual lesson I had to understand!
-Kiran Hegde

Friday, August 6, 2010

Don't Generalize

It was another BAU Business as usual) day for Raj.
He had been engrossed on this Monitor with small noise of clicks and keyboard as usual. After coming early to office and he used to be enjoying the silence till someone broke it…

“Hi I am Diya!”
There was a new girl in cube diagonally opposite to him..
After a few days of her presence at usually empty cubicle perhaps she must be thinking why people around don’t talk she was still smiling.

“Hii.. I am Raj!”

“Do you guys have lot of work? You guys seem to be busy”, asked Diya.
Raj now moved completely out of his monitor…
“Ehhh!!! Well not really, not so much I think :-D ”

They exchanged a smile and back to work.

But some thoughts were still loitering Raj’s mind.
He had his own set of Cubicle mates and cubicle neighbor experiences.

1. Although being a happy-go-lucky kind of guys who would smile on all faces that made an eye contact, but still he distinctly remembered a cubicle mate with whom he was in his neighboring cubicle for more than 5 months but still not talking.
He was 2 weeks from leaving the city because of transfer and he got to know that it was his birthday. Being uncomfortable to stand up and wish as he was at least 10-12 years senior to him, Raj had sent him a mail and voila to his surprise he got a prompt reply! But still never spoke.
Two times of smiling were also returned by blank glares on his last working day in the cubicle to add to his embarrassment.

2. So called having boyfriend counterparts, they are typically lost in only and only non-other than – Can you guess it???
Most you might have already, “cell-phones!!!” and that too almost clinging to ears as it were their ear rings.
And it clings so much so that you are debugging something for them, they get a call and you end up like a fool initially trying to help them, then waiting at their desk, to ask them about their problem and they so called BUSY on phone.

The list might be endless in this sub-conscious though till a team-mate next cubicle interrupted,

Raj just discussed this with Diana at coffee perhaps to get a feminist point of view.
Diana said, “The problem is with not talking but you lot of guys assume…”

Raj giggled spontaneously but noticing that Diana replied immediately,“What happened?”

“Nothing serious…
Interacting with people around had been usually like not-my-business approach for most of us although we would be extremely active on our virtual online communities like facebook/orkut. But many a times if it’s a person of opposite sex, you would speak all the way less just avoid the person painting a different picture of you.”

Understanding it’s really difficult for people to maintain composure while they still stay in equipoise and respond equanimously, Raj tried his best to express what he thought

“As you know typically girls has some critical Mental Attitude which makes them presume that if a guy is initiating a talk to one female counterpart sitting next cubicle, she might build up multiple scenarios in her mind giving a grinning smile and at times pathetic attitude on interaction later”

Diana was almost smiling back in apprehension to say something to which Raj interrupted, “Especially the ones who can be called as not so good looking ones are the ones to have more attitudes perhaps! Good ones behave Normal and understand that you can really have good friends with people of opposite sex or even as being a normal friend who just smiles & greets when you meet and go your ways!”

A little shocked but unable to resist her disagreement Diana said,
“I do agree with you few girls have attitude issues so can’t be really generalizing”

“Fair enough that’s exactly what I am trying to say. You can’t be generalizing!!
And as it seems the problem is not about the fairer sex or later but people in general but still people generalize that boys are like this likewise gals are like that..
Both laughed and Diana replied at they got up to leave, “That’s what I call a Non-Feminist and Non-male chauvinistic view! ”

Raj, "Thanks :-)"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maza hain kya!

घर बैठे बारिश की आवाज़ न सुन
बहार भीग के तो देख मज़ा हैं क्या !
किताबो के कवर को देख के क्या होगा
उन पन्नो को पड़के  तो देख मज़ा हैं क्या !

किनेरे बैठके पानी को देखने में क्या हैं
दुबकी लगा के तो देख मज़ा हैं क्या !
दोस्ती की बातें करने में क्या हैं
दोस्ती निभा के तो देख मज हैं क्या
जेहेन  में क्वाबो को छुपाने में क्या हैं
इन को हकीकत में बदल के तो देख मज़ा हैं क्या
ऐसे आलस करने से क्या मिलेगा
मेहनत करके तो देख मज़ा हैं क्या !

किसी की निंदा में वक़्त क्यों गुज़रे
आगे बड़  के तो देख मज़ा हैं क्या !
किसी की कमी निकालने में कोई बड़ी बात नहीं
पर कुछ बन  के तो देख मज़ा हैं क्या !

किसी को पीछे छोड़ने की बातें क्यों करते हैं लोग
साथ चलके तो देख मज़ा हैं क्या !
किसी को नीचे खीचते  क्यों हैं लोग
प्रोत्साहित करके तो देख मज़ा हैं क्या !

किसी के पीट पीछे बुराई क्यों करते हैं लोग
किसी को सुधार के तो देखे मज़ा हैं क्या
अपने सामने तो तारीफ तो सभी करते हैं
पित पीछे तारीफ करे ऐसा कुछ करके तो देखे
   मज़ा हैं क्या !

- किरण हेगड़े
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Friday, July 23, 2010


यादों में बसे अफसाने खास होते हैं
बे वक्त आके इनको जो हसाने होते हैं
पलकों के पीछे छुपे होकर
ख़ुशी के आंसू रुलाने होते हैं

वक़्त के देहलीज़ से परे कुछ यादें होते हैं
दूर होकर भी पास रहना इनके फसाने होते हैं
सिमट न पाए अल्फाजो में ये यादें
गुजरे लम्हों के बसी कुछ तराने इनमे खास होते हैं

स्कूल का आखरी दिन और वोह मुस्कुराते चेहरे
 अंकों में नमी और एक लम्बे अरसे की यादें
कुछ छोटी जीत और कुछ बड़ी हार की यादें
कुछ न भूल पाने दोस्तो  के वादे

कॉलेज का पहेला दिन  और वोह क्लास बंक्स की यादें
वोह सेम टू सेम अससाईंन्मेंट और कॉपी की गयी प्रोग्राम्स आधे
वोह कलचरल  फेस्ट और वोह स्टेज के नज़रे
वोह लम्बी ड्रायीव और वोह छोटी मोती झगड़ो  की यादें

ऑफिस का पहेला दिने और वोह चमकते चेहरे
दिल की ख़ुशी चेहरे पे चाई रहती थी हमारी
वोह ट्रेनी  दोस्त और वोह बेन्चर्स की गग
वोह चेहल पहल और वोह अनकही दोस्ती की यादें

पर अब क्यों कम दिखती हैं वो दोस्ती के वादें
वक़्त के साथ मनो कम होते वोह नज़रे
प्लास्टिक हसी बस मिलती हैं अब
मिलने पर भी बातें काम की होती हैं अब

घडी के काटो की तरह भागते रहते हैं अब
रोज़ मर्रा की दौड़ से दोस्तों को फुर्सत न हैं अब
अब तो यादों के माँइने बदल चुके हैं सबके शायद  
या बडे होते होते मीटी यादों के लिए मेमोरी हो गयी हैं फुल ??

- किरण हेगड़े

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Rupee Symbol and What Rupee Symbolizes?

 Had been reading about new Rupee symbol since few days!!! As they say it’s a sign of progress as per the news which helps to maintain a balance between economies internally and with other economies.

But almost 500 years after Sher Shah Suri who gave the currency which has been popular not only in India but also in the neighboring countries too and now India has came up with a standard symbol.

Few interesting things to ponder is how come this  symbol is going to get adapted on to our daily life, We have  dollar symbol on our key board, so would this also find a way on our key board  that would be interesting…if something that comes to your mind is special characters then that is quite expected on MS-Word.

Now getting to the main topic on What Rupee Symbolizes - thoughts on which kept wandering since sometime...

As described in various places Rupee to be symbol of prosperity something that comes to mind is Rupee or any currency for that matter had eventually put an end to barter system. Did it make much sense - not too sure but read along why did I say that??

In barter system if I am not mistaken the valuation of things was with respect to things around that we planned to exchange, so since there was specialization in society, people produced stuffs according to their professions and exchanged it in lieu of other thing they needed for daily life. Life was simple and restricted to basic thing and needs of life. So not sure if there were people who produced more things than they need or need to exchange with something else they need.

But now since in the age that we live we have currency we just run behind accumulating our respective currencies much more than our basic needs or even wants for that matter.

Long back I had seen a documentary on Discovery channel where Adivasis of some region visited the city region for the first time and they had asked a question to the city people - simple but fair, “Why do many people here have to sleep on the streets in such cold climate when there are many houses around?” For us it many seem to be a stupid question but there was strong reason they asked this question. In city of the life that we live in we strongly have stuff like “My house”, “My Car”,  “My Money ” so much so that people in same house have their own “My stuffs”. But in contrast they perhaps there had everything as “ours” Of course “Ours” was implicit since “My” wasn’t explicit... lol!!

In their place generally they would need an additional home when some of their children get married or they have children or so on… So what they do is simple everyone around gathers collects material like wood and stuff and build a house for them. So essentially all the families stay just around themselves! And it’s not my home or his home rather everything pertaining to a family is everyone’s responsibility. Say it old thoughts or something but didn’t they perhaps end up having more contented life than us - The so called superior generation :D ?

If I am not wrong about the source I had read once in Sudha Murthy’s Book once, that she visited similar Adivaasi  or tribal community part of her social work where the old head of the community mentioned  - “How can one think of dividing and naming the mountains and lands to our selves when it’s not at all our creation ?” (Not sure abt the exact words)  As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what we are doing!

As they say the civilization is growing and we are becoming more intelligent - not sure if it really is but we surely think so again not too sure if the wisdom in us is growing!!!  If not more as we can feel aren’t we lesser happier than people few generations before us. ?

PS – Not that I am unhappy about anything but just pondering if older generations were more happier, now again happiness means different to different people, Its relative, what say? ;-)

Friday, July 2, 2010


कुछ रिश्ते तोडे टूट ते नहीं
कुछ धागे कमज़ोर ही सही बन्द्ये रहते हैं
कुछ यादें आँखों से ओझल ही सही
पलकों में सदा क्यों बसे रहते हैं ?

कुछ वादे रिश्ते सदा निभाते हैं
कुछ रिश्तो से निभाए गए वादों से हम अचंबित रहते हैं
कुछ वादे  निभाने वाले भूल जाते अपनों को
कुछ निभाए वादों से रिश्ते बन जाते हैं

कुछ रिश्तो के एहसास हर पल खास हैं
कुछ रिश्तो से हमेशा होती एक आस हैं
कुछ रिश्ते नाम के होकर रह जाते हैं
लेकिन कुछ रिश्तो की मौजूदगी जैसे धुप में बरसात होती हैं

कुछ जुडे तार अनकही रिस्तो से होते हैं
किसी के दोस्ती तले छुपी कोई और बात होती हैं
कुछ रिश्तो को समज ने में अरसा लग जाता हैं
कुछ रिश्तो को जान ने से भी पहले  एक अटूट विश्वास होता हैं

कुछ रिश्तो की यादो में एक मीठी सी महक होती हैं
कुछ रिश्तो में सिमटी कुछ खुशियाँ खास होती हैं
कुछ लोग भुलाने की बातें करते हैं
पर कैसे कोई कहे  उन  रिस्तो की महक से यह ज़िन्दगी कितनी हसीं होती हैं

इन रिश्तो की तजुर्बे से आगे बदना सिखा हैं हमने
इन रिश्तो के पेचीदे रास्तो में चलना सिखा हैं हमने
उनका एहसास बचपन से अब तक करते हैं हम
क्योंकी इन रिश्तो से ही जीना सिखा हैं हमने और तुमने!

- किरण हेगड़े

Monday, June 14, 2010

Biking Trip to Alibaug Rocked!!

 It’s really fun to go for a picnic completely cancelled and which gets revived the last min :-). Our Aligbaug trip last weekend is a perfect example of it.

  On Thursday, This trip had got postponed to 26th June weekend but on Friday evening, at around 7 o’clock, I was in middle of some code with my PL and PM trying to solve something and I get a call from Rajesh(who happens to be my Uncle but only 2 years older than me ;-)), “Kiran, we are on a conference call”? “Who all??” Interrupting Ranjan, “Tu phele yeh bata, Kal kab free ho raha hain” “Main, 2-3 bajey tak :-s , shayad ” “Ok fir jaatey hain we will start by 3.30” “Kahan?” “Alibaug aur kahan !” “Err.. hum ja rahey hain kya…” “yes bbye”.

  I was in middle of debugging with all my mind in Alibaug, I saw missed call again from Rajesh, called him back, “Mamu”,
Rajesh, “When are u reaching back home? ”
Me, “In around 5 min me”
Rajesh, “Call me once you reach,ok?”
Me, “Ok, fine .. bbye”

  I reached home and he is sitting there with his wife “Navya” and apparently all Conference calls were done when they were sitting at my place: D: D.

  Finally next day around 3 o clock with full Enthusiasm and Energy starting from various places we met at Nerul. It was a cloudy day with about to Rain climate since morning, nonetheless awesome climate to ride.

  Four Bikes and 6 biking enthusiasts, wanna know who… read along…

Sandesh – who zooms ahead in no time, thereby making no difference that he was driving splendor rather than pulsar this time – Amazing driving man :- ),
me – enjoying the driving trance but being continuously teased at other times – poor me ;-) :-P ,
Rajesh – who drove the complete close to 400kms long drive without a valid driving license,
his wife Navya who at one time in Alibaug said loudly to others “Guys don’t go in No-Entry Rajesh has not got license” just to realize that Cops were standing behind :D :D, fortunately they didn’t hear it ;-) ,
Ranjan – The dude who had been juggling between coordinating if others are together and taking pics sitting in a special pose on pillion seat – Yes correct he sat facing behind :D
and finally Deepu - The birthday boy with his special smiling countenance at times at times getting conscious after getting lost in world of thoughts, we are yet to find the details whom he was missing ;-).

  Coming back to trip, we were just surpassing the external road of Karnala Bird Sanctuary and the small ghat type roads when I heard a big metallic thud on my bike, The rear tyre (changed to Broad ones recently) used to sometimes rub against the chain guard, I was a little nervous about it till our next stop infront of Devi temple some 10-15kms from Alibaug we realized my kick had disappeared :O :O.. Ohh, damm thing this was the metallic thud, Ohh how do I start my bike. Fortunately Deepu gave idea to start in gear. We reached Alibaug with kick-less bike :D , quickly getting one and fixing it.

  We reached the staying place & quickly changed. It was already 8 o’clock! We reached Naegaon Beach, but it was pitch dark, so had to be content with only touching the water and seeing flashes from far away light house. We came back and the pre-dinner session started ;-) ;-) which eventually went on it 12 night. As it struck 12, The bday boy’s face lit up, and we lit up candles to celebrate. The hugs and wishes(dont read it as kisses :-P ) went on and bday boy was trying to maintain a balance between talking to phone and talking to us .. haha.  We had our dinner by 1.30am and discussed when to wake up till almost 2am and I silently kept the alarm at 6.30am ;-).

  Next day early morning, most of us had already woken up, with only Sandesh waking up at alarm time. At 7.15 we set out for Varsoli beach, but it wasn’t really interesting, we had a quick Tea and set out for the Alibaug Beach, this was calm too, this made us to turn to Aakshi Beach. And then Navya's interesting comment,”Samunder to same hain kahi bhi jaao ”.. haha. We came back for breakfast and set out for Kashid Beach at 11am.

  Phew it was really nice sight as we travelled just at the sea beach as it was difficult to keep eye on roads rather than on the sea- shore. We couldn’t resist but stopped at one place in between to take a few quick snaps. But the most mesmerizing sight of the journey was yet to begin as we approached near Kashid Beach.

  Ohh my god! Big waves, completely crowded beach and ppl were literally shouting playing with the waves. We could hardly wait to jump but we need to park our belongings safely. Deepu’s friends were around there, we quickly reached, kept belongings in their car and off we gooooo..

  For next 2 hours, we were just jumping as the waves came with Rajesh's  typical slogan, “On the Rocks!!!” as we dashed with the incoming waves. Bigger the waves, more we were getting dashed into the shores, it was obviously a little dirty but we almost forgot that. “On the Rocks!” while dashing on the waves continued till we were gasping for breath and sat to take rest. But sitting aside was not allowed since the big waves will wash you away changing orientation to almost 90 degrees or even almost 180 degrees sometimes. It was just awesome…. After being too tired we sat a little behind enjoying watching others play with waves. We could seeing see a whole of crowd watching something, after it struck our curiosity we also looked in that direction, nothing but a Firangi couple in barest essentials :-P and somehow I felt the girls were watching more than boys ;-)… Navya was smiling on the comment and I am taking this for her agreement to our comment ;-)

  Anyways after that being considerably tired it was time for us to leave. We hurried back to fresh up. Quickly searching for the hotel, had late lunch and the journey back started at 5.15pm on Sunday with the target of reaching Panvel before it got dark.

  We carefully drove as much fast as we could do safely, The Awesome road, the Music in ears, un-distracted fun riding was palpable as we went on and on with the first break only few kms before Panvel. Best part the whole journey the climate remained cloudy without sun and withour rain. Just too beautiful climate, bikers paradise. Slowly as each one of us departed our own ways, "A Big Smile on our face representing the silent happiness of the heart were more than words to express!"

It was the first one and awesome journey indeed! In Rajesh’s words, “Let’s keep the spirit alive!”

Thursday, May 20, 2010

UnAnswerable Question or Unquestionble Answer?

Just read this lines on somebody’s note

"The meaning of life is not an unanswerable question but an unquestionable answer"

Sometimes we just go about with lot of insecurity admist all the security
Indulge in self doubt for no proper reasons at all
Keep searching for solutions of THE PROBLEMS that doesn’t exist and thinking of a potential problems wherein no issues existed!
It is similar to “who moved my cheese?” story where we keep on analyzing things just to complicate things where in actually no prob actually exists….
The Big time prob with it is Simple!!
One loses his self confidence, gets involves in self doubt, and correctly speaking keeps wasting time on unimportant self doubt activities…
Not that we don’t know this but why do we still do it???

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ek Naayi Subah!!

Aadatein kuch bigad gayi thi meri unhe sudhar na chahta tha,

Kisi ki ahmiyat kuch bad gayi thi zindagi me,
kuch kum karna chahta tha,
Maano sumandar ki gehraiyo me kuch zyada dub chuka tha,
Sanse ruk ne phele upar aana chahta tha.

Waqt ka ehsaas na raha jab dhoondle raasto se guzarta raha,
Ankoon par vishwas na raha jab andhere me khada tha, aur ujaala na raha,
zindagi chal rahi thi, Aur kadaam aap se aage bad rahe the,
Par na jaane kyu Andhero me Uuhi, Mai khota raha.

Galatiyon se fir bhi seekta raha,
Apne aap ko thoda kuch kostha bhi raha,
Ujaale ki Umeed na honee par bhi Ujala hua
Zehen me khushi ke leher uthi jab na Jaane kaise yeh Karishma hua

Shayad Khudrat ka yahi fasana hai,
Jaan kar bhi baanta Insaan Anjaana hai,
Mushkiley bhale hi ho,
Par har Gehri Raat ke baad
ek Nayi Taazgi bhari Din to aana hai ;-)

Home Sweet Home

Its almost an year since I have had my first taste of independent stay away from cozy umbrella of Parents at home. Quite obvious but as many others I too have my own different set of tastes . First cool treat at Infy Mysore to pathetic loneliness of Hyderabad to Comfortable Bangalore to friendly Pune. But most important the experience of coming home has become altogether different changing little each time.

Developed stronger friends , friendship has become more dear and valuable but somehow gravity of interest in hangouts/picnics has reduced.I have certainly not become introvert but certainly become more comfortable in solitude.

A small sense of freedom of staying away from home seems to spread wings at the same time having a comfortable pull of the discipline inculcate at home.

Back home my own place seems to be a bit unfamiliar sometimes. My own drawer where I used to subconsciously place my usual daily accessories has become a bit unhabituated sometimes. You cant do a lot of things like unusual loud singing, dancing at anytime..Suddenly going on ride at night…etc…etc

But one thing we observe in any case there can be nothing as comfortable as home.

And nobody can love u as selflessly as ur own parents and no where will you find the warmnt as in ur own home.

Akela chal Akela chal

Hawa ki teeZ raftar se ladta chal

Asmaan ki unchaio se upar udta chal
Seema ki us kagar ko is kadar par kar
Teri phonch ko hi duniya assem rekha maaan kar,
   Raha hai chal

Ek Naayi Kaami!

Har Dost phele Ajnabhi hai

Har Baato me kuch Ankahi hai
Sab Kuch mil jaaye to maaza hi kya
Bus Socho kaise dhoonde usko

Jissseee milti
                    ....... ek Naayi kaami hai!!!

Mysore Days

Small Poem on Infy Mysore Training days
Dated : Jan 2007

With the heavy heart that i left Mysore

With the voices that are still clinging my ears
With tears that were rolling ...
Never believed that things wud change so fast....

Never believed that i wud get attached to any place like this
Never believed that i wud have such a funfilled life
Never thought even i dreams thats life makes its choicest blessings for small times

Thanks for having taught me a lesson
Thanks for taking me for a ride
Thanks for all the things that i got and missed

Trying hard to forget things
Trying hard to make up things
Trying hard to mend holes in my heart
what i cud only do is change my behaviour
but wonder why cud never change the feelign
wonder why cud never reach to the root of the problem

god knows where it starts from..

May be i cud alter its flow to my heart
May be i cud alter its flow to others heart
May be i cud bring happiness to some one atleast if not me...

May be i cud goto the past
May be i cud capture the moments atleast
May be i cud video record the moments and memories
May be i cud replay them and feel as if its the present rather than past

May be i cud stop thinking abt it .......  

Last day at Infosys

Cross posted from InfyBlogs
Dated : 18/01/2010

Hi Friends,

As some of you already know, today is my last day in Infosys.
Journey of 38 months had been nonetheless a roller-coaster ride…
Trying to thanks each one of you in this journey and re-calling a few sentimental encounters alike goes hand in hand with a risk of appearing a melodramatic fool but kindly let me take this small risk.... ;-)
This single mail I must confess can never be a tautology that could embrace and account for all my good times here but I will try my best to acknowledge all who have made this journey memorable.

My experience in Infy was an enriching one, technically, professionally & personally as I moved from ANAD – MFGD – BCMD (with D-dreams :D)

It is simply amazing yet true how in the course of slogging to meet the deadlines; listening to PMs and TLs about how I can do better; bunking our breakfast/lunches; crying out when losing all hopes to debug, we develop a strong and silent bond with "Infosys". However, one can’t forget to mention what great fun it was to spend 2 hours at lunch; picking the bag and sneaking from PA's eye to leave by 5:30; sometimes just wasting time for an hour for a "tea-break", etc., etc..

My whole-hearted thanks to all my managers and co-workers for your cooperation, support, guidance, help and inspiration.

Apart from work 2 more entities making this Journey memorable,
How can I forget to thank it 

1.Abhivyakti – The Infy Pune Cultural Club (as mentioned by our beloved core member), is like Java, it’s both a platform and language, it’s truly been coming together of like-minded people as well as a platform to showcase their existing talent and also teaching and learning from each other.

I am extremely thankful for giving opportunity to do a wide range of activities like dance (which used to extend late nights even post midnights ), Organizing (I will miss the mails and phone sessions), Skit (redoing till we get proper tone and expressions), Compeering (Trying to be funny without a Joke K), preparing Mailers (multiple reviews changing it multiple times :-S ), to some extent coding also(:P not really coding) giving a memorable On-Stage and Back-Stage experience.

I am extremely thankful to its strong pillar core-committee always being with me to guide me through as well as giving me an opportunity to be a part of it.

2. Jyot - I would say has been more of learning for me than to teach, the enthusiasm by housekeeping and volunteers alike had always been the supporting spark clearly visible in eyes of each one. Many thanks to it. Its video is a beloved memory for me to carry.

A dream called Infosys is over now and it’s time to move on with my Goals.

I hope I have shared a unique camaraderie which I hope will continue in the years to come even thought I shall not be here,

Please hit Ctrl+Shift+R giving one piece of gyan, (Copying your personal id) as a testimony of it
I wish you all the very best for your bright future and wish we meet up sometime and revisit the time we spent here.

“We meet to create memories. But we depart to preserve it,

Meeting and departing is the way of life but Departing and Meeting again is the hope of life”

This is meant to be not a good bye only “Hasta Luego” or “see you later”. Do stay in touch!

Warmest Regards,
Kiran Hegde

On Orkut and facebook – Kiran Hegde (hegdekiranr[at]gmail[dot]com)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unwatched Life around us!

Few days back as i just walked home i saw a documentary on National Geo Channel.
It was something that we tend to ignore or it just passes by around us in our day to day travel in Mumbai.

It was about Street Kids, Railway Hawkers n all....
A closer zoom into their lives how they live, what they think,
What they do and what they think about everything they do....
Is it being a little difficult to relate.... Stay tuned :)

First of all I would say it was just awesome...
Railways have a small court of themselves to solve smaller issues.
E.g. Hawkers
Now the interesting part Hawkers side of the story... getting caught means paying fine and most important of all loss of one day of income for them
The Judge himself was making statement: "These ppl keep coming back because this is their source of income and unlike what we think." He adds sadly, "and it’s my job to do this"(which includes collecting fine and etc)
Next scene was this lady hawker's latest triumph - buying a small flat in Nalasophara . That was indeed a good side.

Other side of the story was a Street Kid.
It was sad how these kids indulge into various activities from smoking cigarettes to weeds (called ganga) where actually obtaining food also i would say is an achievement for them.
They do odd jobs, intend to change jobs very often, afraid of being caught by the police they will be questioned about their parents and be sent back to their homes. :O This i when i exclaimed are they run-away kids.

Few words of wisdom (provided they take it) and likewise education might change their lives but who will make it available for them...
And even if it’s available will they take it?