Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rangoli & Cubicle Decoration Competition in Office :-)

After a long long time this was a participation attempt at some competition - This time it was Rangoli...
With a sub-cousious ney arising out of laziness grown out of getting into organizing events every time at work place. On one side being crazy about event organizing & also having organized close to dozen+ full fleged 1-2 days cultural events consisting of popular competitions (viz. Dance, Singing, Plays etc..) had put up an impression on my mind that participation isnt that interesting.. How ever I was wrong :-D....

"1 missed call !" - Oops who called?
Ohh Manish Babel - my team mate, I recalled he and Ashwini had gone to get Rangoli for the competition and seems like they are back... I went to the location with an idea of helping a bit and coming back as early as I can...

How ever with four of us from the same team (me, Manish, Ashwini & Keerti) it went on...

till it was

With Legs still aching next day but very content at heart with this small accomplishment admist considerable teasing (for our software lingo usage and disbelief in our creativity perhaps due to our Geeky or Nerdy image :-P), constant advising (on how the rangoli could get better) and appreciation (that it looks good!! :-) :-))

This design was brain-child of Sachin who gave us not only this idea but a detailed design on the National Integration Theme.

Parrellely there was Cubile Decoration going on as well,

As we moved taking pics of the mesmerising themes & decoration...
They are as follows :

As we moved on feasting on the awesome decoration, witnessing traditionally dressed friends representing different cultural traditions made us silently proud to be home to such beautiful values and wonder at who creates issues :-D
Happy Deepawali & a Prosperous New Year!!


Please feel free and let me know what you think! Keep coming back!!