Friday, May 14, 2010

Mysore Days

Small Poem on Infy Mysore Training days
Dated : Jan 2007

With the heavy heart that i left Mysore

With the voices that are still clinging my ears
With tears that were rolling ...
Never believed that things wud change so fast....

Never believed that i wud get attached to any place like this
Never believed that i wud have such a funfilled life
Never thought even i dreams thats life makes its choicest blessings for small times

Thanks for having taught me a lesson
Thanks for taking me for a ride
Thanks for all the things that i got and missed

Trying hard to forget things
Trying hard to make up things
Trying hard to mend holes in my heart
what i cud only do is change my behaviour
but wonder why cud never change the feelign
wonder why cud never reach to the root of the problem

god knows where it starts from..

May be i cud alter its flow to my heart
May be i cud alter its flow to others heart
May be i cud bring happiness to some one atleast if not me...

May be i cud goto the past
May be i cud capture the moments atleast
May be i cud video record the moments and memories
May be i cud replay them and feel as if its the present rather than past

May be i cud stop thinking abt it .......  

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