Friday, August 6, 2010

Don't Generalize

It was another BAU Business as usual) day for Raj.
He had been engrossed on this Monitor with small noise of clicks and keyboard as usual. After coming early to office and he used to be enjoying the silence till someone broke it…

“Hi I am Diya!”
There was a new girl in cube diagonally opposite to him..
After a few days of her presence at usually empty cubicle perhaps she must be thinking why people around don’t talk she was still smiling.

“Hii.. I am Raj!”

“Do you guys have lot of work? You guys seem to be busy”, asked Diya.
Raj now moved completely out of his monitor…
“Ehhh!!! Well not really, not so much I think :-D ”

They exchanged a smile and back to work.

But some thoughts were still loitering Raj’s mind.
He had his own set of Cubicle mates and cubicle neighbor experiences.

1. Although being a happy-go-lucky kind of guys who would smile on all faces that made an eye contact, but still he distinctly remembered a cubicle mate with whom he was in his neighboring cubicle for more than 5 months but still not talking.
He was 2 weeks from leaving the city because of transfer and he got to know that it was his birthday. Being uncomfortable to stand up and wish as he was at least 10-12 years senior to him, Raj had sent him a mail and voila to his surprise he got a prompt reply! But still never spoke.
Two times of smiling were also returned by blank glares on his last working day in the cubicle to add to his embarrassment.

2. So called having boyfriend counterparts, they are typically lost in only and only non-other than – Can you guess it???
Most you might have already, “cell-phones!!!” and that too almost clinging to ears as it were their ear rings.
And it clings so much so that you are debugging something for them, they get a call and you end up like a fool initially trying to help them, then waiting at their desk, to ask them about their problem and they so called BUSY on phone.

The list might be endless in this sub-conscious though till a team-mate next cubicle interrupted,

Raj just discussed this with Diana at coffee perhaps to get a feminist point of view.
Diana said, “The problem is with not talking but you lot of guys assume…”

Raj giggled spontaneously but noticing that Diana replied immediately,“What happened?”

“Nothing serious…
Interacting with people around had been usually like not-my-business approach for most of us although we would be extremely active on our virtual online communities like facebook/orkut. But many a times if it’s a person of opposite sex, you would speak all the way less just avoid the person painting a different picture of you.”

Understanding it’s really difficult for people to maintain composure while they still stay in equipoise and respond equanimously, Raj tried his best to express what he thought

“As you know typically girls has some critical Mental Attitude which makes them presume that if a guy is initiating a talk to one female counterpart sitting next cubicle, she might build up multiple scenarios in her mind giving a grinning smile and at times pathetic attitude on interaction later”

Diana was almost smiling back in apprehension to say something to which Raj interrupted, “Especially the ones who can be called as not so good looking ones are the ones to have more attitudes perhaps! Good ones behave Normal and understand that you can really have good friends with people of opposite sex or even as being a normal friend who just smiles & greets when you meet and go your ways!”

A little shocked but unable to resist her disagreement Diana said,
“I do agree with you few girls have attitude issues so can’t be really generalizing”

“Fair enough that’s exactly what I am trying to say. You can’t be generalizing!!
And as it seems the problem is not about the fairer sex or later but people in general but still people generalize that boys are like this likewise gals are like that..
Both laughed and Diana replied at they got up to leave, “That’s what I call a Non-Feminist and Non-male chauvinistic view! ”

Raj, "Thanks :-)"


  1. I think so , soon you will write one book…

    And u can write on any topic … poems , New Rupee Symbol..., and now this one … G8

  2. hey..dis blog is so like wat i think
    one thing i have always felt very strongly aboutn u have put in here so well
    ..have been thinkin so much to write on this..
    every person is unique n it really bugs me when ppl generalize that gurls r always like dat..n guys r different or guys r always d same..all bu**Sh**.
    kudos to dis writeup of urs... :)

  3. Thanks so much Nimisha,
    Unfortunately few ppl find the difference...

  4. hey kiran dats a good1
    realy liked d concept

    hope to get more such things
    superb man
    good thought

  5. It is not like average looking gals have more attitude its the conception which most of the guys have made up

  6. It is not that aal average looking gals have attitude its the notion which most of the guys have made up

  7. Hi Vandana, thanks for reading and replying :)
    Btw I didnt mention "all" and thats the core premise :)


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