Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is one angry since he/she has felt Inferior?

"The reason for anger is someone or something made you feel inferior"

Was just thinking if there is any other reason for it.. I was especially researching some spiritual articles on it....

Oops did I mention research, sorry only searching...
On a different note other day one of my friend’s fb status read "Copying one person’s findings is called plagiarism and that of many is Research!!"

Anyways back to the point...

Different scenarios...

1. A small child got angry since the Teacher scolded him/her in school for not doing homework/ for doing mischief etc.
If there has been anger it makes us think is there something that made him feel inferior....?

2. As a teenager one might have got angry of himself of his own marks/ score/ appearance / public statement etc..
Was it because he/she felt inferior......?

3. You are angry of the discrimination of grades that you or your close friend has got! Since you or your circle things a person X is smarter than person Y? Here did you feel inferior... debatable... but did you feel something unfair to the person X..?
Did you feel the person X has been giving status/marks/grades of inferior quality than he deserves?

4. You might be sad if not angry when you or your close friend or close relative or just someone you know has not got a deserved promotion/ raise / position / designation etc.... Did you feel that person X again has been put in a position Inferior to his surroundings...?

Are there too many questions... :-D, ok let me shoot the last one... ;-)

5. Have you heard your friend's or relative's or at least seen on TV (;-)) bride or groom's parents dis- agreeing to a wedding proposal due to various reasons (don’t want to mention... haha ) as they feel the guy/gal doesn’t MATCH.... Does it mean that person Y proposing to person X is in some way inferior to expectation based on the perception of how it happens in surroundings around the parents....?

If you are still with me..... and has an affirmative answer on all of this... Please continue else...
kindly drop you dis-agreement comment... ;-)

If you would have noticed last 2 questions has a mention of something additional to “Inferior” and that is “Surroundings” !

Does all the feeling of being inferior is rooted in perception of relative “Surrounding”?

I had read an interesting story in TOI or ET – Editorial if I am not mistaken..
A saint repeatedly picks up a crab from a sea-shore to save it from drowning since drops it couple of times because of being bitten in return before he could successfully move it out. An on-looker asks why try again inspite of being bitten. The saint replies – Its his nature to bite, why should I lose my saintly nature as a reaction?

Bhagvad Gita mentions the inherent nature of the person is to be in a state of Bliss,

And what we can deduce is we lose our own Blissful Nature as a part of reaction to our restricted perception of Surroundings which makes us feel inferior… Do we?

Next time you feel angry – just think "What is making me feel Inferior?" – let me know how you feel ;-)


Kiran Hegde


  1. Fantastic topic of research.

    Reasons for being angry will be 600 crore (worlds' population) multiplied with thousands (average no. of reasons per person)

    Hope I am not giving you a reason to get angry.

    Well said

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  3. Well said,

    But why am I angry? Because I have a 6 day week.
    Does that make me inferior in any way ?


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