Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unwatched Life around us!

Few days back as i just walked home i saw a documentary on National Geo Channel.
It was something that we tend to ignore or it just passes by around us in our day to day travel in Mumbai.

It was about Street Kids, Railway Hawkers n all....
A closer zoom into their lives how they live, what they think,
What they do and what they think about everything they do....
Is it being a little difficult to relate.... Stay tuned :)

First of all I would say it was just awesome...
Railways have a small court of themselves to solve smaller issues.
E.g. Hawkers
Now the interesting part Hawkers side of the story... getting caught means paying fine and most important of all loss of one day of income for them
The Judge himself was making statement: "These ppl keep coming back because this is their source of income and unlike what we think." He adds sadly, "and it’s my job to do this"(which includes collecting fine and etc)
Next scene was this lady hawker's latest triumph - buying a small flat in Nalasophara . That was indeed a good side.

Other side of the story was a Street Kid.
It was sad how these kids indulge into various activities from smoking cigarettes to weeds (called ganga) where actually obtaining food also i would say is an achievement for them.
They do odd jobs, intend to change jobs very often, afraid of being caught by the police they will be questioned about their parents and be sent back to their homes. :O This i when i exclaimed are they run-away kids.

Few words of wisdom (provided they take it) and likewise education might change their lives but who will make it available for them...
And even if it’s available will they take it?

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  1. Nice brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.


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