Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Its almost an year since I have had my first taste of independent stay away from cozy umbrella of Parents at home. Quite obvious but as many others I too have my own different set of tastes . First cool treat at Infy Mysore to pathetic loneliness of Hyderabad to Comfortable Bangalore to friendly Pune. But most important the experience of coming home has become altogether different changing little each time.

Developed stronger friends , friendship has become more dear and valuable but somehow gravity of interest in hangouts/picnics has reduced.I have certainly not become introvert but certainly become more comfortable in solitude.

A small sense of freedom of staying away from home seems to spread wings at the same time having a comfortable pull of the discipline inculcate at home.

Back home my own place seems to be a bit unfamiliar sometimes. My own drawer where I used to subconsciously place my usual daily accessories has become a bit unhabituated sometimes. You cant do a lot of things like unusual loud singing, dancing at anytime..Suddenly going on ride at night…etc…etc

But one thing we observe in any case there can be nothing as comfortable as home.

And nobody can love u as selflessly as ur own parents and no where will you find the warmnt as in ur own home.

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