Monday, June 14, 2010

Biking Trip to Alibaug Rocked!!

 It’s really fun to go for a picnic completely cancelled and which gets revived the last min :-). Our Aligbaug trip last weekend is a perfect example of it.

  On Thursday, This trip had got postponed to 26th June weekend but on Friday evening, at around 7 o’clock, I was in middle of some code with my PL and PM trying to solve something and I get a call from Rajesh(who happens to be my Uncle but only 2 years older than me ;-)), “Kiran, we are on a conference call”? “Who all??” Interrupting Ranjan, “Tu phele yeh bata, Kal kab free ho raha hain” “Main, 2-3 bajey tak :-s , shayad ” “Ok fir jaatey hain we will start by 3.30” “Kahan?” “Alibaug aur kahan !” “Err.. hum ja rahey hain kya…” “yes bbye”.

  I was in middle of debugging with all my mind in Alibaug, I saw missed call again from Rajesh, called him back, “Mamu”,
Rajesh, “When are u reaching back home? ”
Me, “In around 5 min me”
Rajesh, “Call me once you reach,ok?”
Me, “Ok, fine .. bbye”

  I reached home and he is sitting there with his wife “Navya” and apparently all Conference calls were done when they were sitting at my place: D: D.

  Finally next day around 3 o clock with full Enthusiasm and Energy starting from various places we met at Nerul. It was a cloudy day with about to Rain climate since morning, nonetheless awesome climate to ride.

  Four Bikes and 6 biking enthusiasts, wanna know who… read along…

Sandesh – who zooms ahead in no time, thereby making no difference that he was driving splendor rather than pulsar this time – Amazing driving man :- ),
me – enjoying the driving trance but being continuously teased at other times – poor me ;-) :-P ,
Rajesh – who drove the complete close to 400kms long drive without a valid driving license,
his wife Navya who at one time in Alibaug said loudly to others “Guys don’t go in No-Entry Rajesh has not got license” just to realize that Cops were standing behind :D :D, fortunately they didn’t hear it ;-) ,
Ranjan – The dude who had been juggling between coordinating if others are together and taking pics sitting in a special pose on pillion seat – Yes correct he sat facing behind :D
and finally Deepu - The birthday boy with his special smiling countenance at times at times getting conscious after getting lost in world of thoughts, we are yet to find the details whom he was missing ;-).

  Coming back to trip, we were just surpassing the external road of Karnala Bird Sanctuary and the small ghat type roads when I heard a big metallic thud on my bike, The rear tyre (changed to Broad ones recently) used to sometimes rub against the chain guard, I was a little nervous about it till our next stop infront of Devi temple some 10-15kms from Alibaug we realized my kick had disappeared :O :O.. Ohh, damm thing this was the metallic thud, Ohh how do I start my bike. Fortunately Deepu gave idea to start in gear. We reached Alibaug with kick-less bike :D , quickly getting one and fixing it.

  We reached the staying place & quickly changed. It was already 8 o’clock! We reached Naegaon Beach, but it was pitch dark, so had to be content with only touching the water and seeing flashes from far away light house. We came back and the pre-dinner session started ;-) ;-) which eventually went on it 12 night. As it struck 12, The bday boy’s face lit up, and we lit up candles to celebrate. The hugs and wishes(dont read it as kisses :-P ) went on and bday boy was trying to maintain a balance between talking to phone and talking to us .. haha.  We had our dinner by 1.30am and discussed when to wake up till almost 2am and I silently kept the alarm at 6.30am ;-).

  Next day early morning, most of us had already woken up, with only Sandesh waking up at alarm time. At 7.15 we set out for Varsoli beach, but it wasn’t really interesting, we had a quick Tea and set out for the Alibaug Beach, this was calm too, this made us to turn to Aakshi Beach. And then Navya's interesting comment,”Samunder to same hain kahi bhi jaao ”.. haha. We came back for breakfast and set out for Kashid Beach at 11am.

  Phew it was really nice sight as we travelled just at the sea beach as it was difficult to keep eye on roads rather than on the sea- shore. We couldn’t resist but stopped at one place in between to take a few quick snaps. But the most mesmerizing sight of the journey was yet to begin as we approached near Kashid Beach.

  Ohh my god! Big waves, completely crowded beach and ppl were literally shouting playing with the waves. We could hardly wait to jump but we need to park our belongings safely. Deepu’s friends were around there, we quickly reached, kept belongings in their car and off we gooooo..

  For next 2 hours, we were just jumping as the waves came with Rajesh's  typical slogan, “On the Rocks!!!” as we dashed with the incoming waves. Bigger the waves, more we were getting dashed into the shores, it was obviously a little dirty but we almost forgot that. “On the Rocks!” while dashing on the waves continued till we were gasping for breath and sat to take rest. But sitting aside was not allowed since the big waves will wash you away changing orientation to almost 90 degrees or even almost 180 degrees sometimes. It was just awesome…. After being too tired we sat a little behind enjoying watching others play with waves. We could seeing see a whole of crowd watching something, after it struck our curiosity we also looked in that direction, nothing but a Firangi couple in barest essentials :-P and somehow I felt the girls were watching more than boys ;-)… Navya was smiling on the comment and I am taking this for her agreement to our comment ;-)

  Anyways after that being considerably tired it was time for us to leave. We hurried back to fresh up. Quickly searching for the hotel, had late lunch and the journey back started at 5.15pm on Sunday with the target of reaching Panvel before it got dark.

  We carefully drove as much fast as we could do safely, The Awesome road, the Music in ears, un-distracted fun riding was palpable as we went on and on with the first break only few kms before Panvel. Best part the whole journey the climate remained cloudy without sun and withour rain. Just too beautiful climate, bikers paradise. Slowly as each one of us departed our own ways, "A Big Smile on our face representing the silent happiness of the heart were more than words to express!"

It was the first one and awesome journey indeed! In Rajesh’s words, “Let’s keep the spirit alive!”


  1. Awesome man... Nicely written and hope you had a great time!

  2. Hum panch team ...ROCKS!!!
    Nicely written...could be of great help to those who want to go the same route...


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