Saturday, August 21, 2010

Actual Lessons to Understand!

From the time we are born through
The time, on our own that we start to stand
And till the eternity as it seems we have to understand
A feeble memory exists in the memory
When first was I asked, "Did you under stand?"

Sports I played hard and hurt many a times
Always it begun with a failure which I could hardly stand
Spell bound with game intricacies
That I tried hard to understand
Sportsmanship, Fair play & the patient endurance
Were the actual lessons I had to understand!

Books I read to score good and to top
Read & practiced till I knew it by heart
Thinking sometimes about the wisdom of history
Can it be sometimes be really of any use to me
And the geographical boundaries could I really travel
But then it struck that Education actually
Gives knowledge more than you need 
And that’s the actual lesson I had to understand

Being small I always wanted to grow up
But growing up destroyed many many small childhood joys
Being an audience I always wanted to anchor
Anchoring though gave me highs and pleasure
But calmness of being Audience was lost forever
With pleasure of something that was conquered
And that’s the actual lesson I had to understand

While Learning to drive I loved to gaze at pace
When the fear was conquered,
It was thrilling in its own ways
But all in all it was not that worth the risk
Neither the race nor the reckless breeze
And that’s the actual lesson I had to understand

In the frames of general usual passing life
In a spontaneous growing old we learn that we should grow wise
Joys & sorrows which shows friends & seasonal friends like wise
Learning to shrug the failure & the criticism was nice
And Nicer was separating stupid comments alike
An unending learning, continuously unfolding an interesting mystery
Thereby making a small regular each one of us’s Life
Challengingly beautiful in its own way & style
Rather than just a repeat of anyone else’s History & Lifestyle
And that’s the actual lesson I had to understand!
-Kiran Hegde