Thursday, May 20, 2010

UnAnswerable Question or Unquestionble Answer?

Just read this lines on somebody’s note

"The meaning of life is not an unanswerable question but an unquestionable answer"

Sometimes we just go about with lot of insecurity admist all the security
Indulge in self doubt for no proper reasons at all
Keep searching for solutions of THE PROBLEMS that doesn’t exist and thinking of a potential problems wherein no issues existed!
It is similar to “who moved my cheese?” story where we keep on analyzing things just to complicate things where in actually no prob actually exists….
The Big time prob with it is Simple!!
One loses his self confidence, gets involves in self doubt, and correctly speaking keeps wasting time on unimportant self doubt activities…
Not that we don’t know this but why do we still do it???

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ek Naayi Subah!!

Aadatein kuch bigad gayi thi meri unhe sudhar na chahta tha,

Kisi ki ahmiyat kuch bad gayi thi zindagi me,
kuch kum karna chahta tha,
Maano sumandar ki gehraiyo me kuch zyada dub chuka tha,
Sanse ruk ne phele upar aana chahta tha.

Waqt ka ehsaas na raha jab dhoondle raasto se guzarta raha,
Ankoon par vishwas na raha jab andhere me khada tha, aur ujaala na raha,
zindagi chal rahi thi, Aur kadaam aap se aage bad rahe the,
Par na jaane kyu Andhero me Uuhi, Mai khota raha.

Galatiyon se fir bhi seekta raha,
Apne aap ko thoda kuch kostha bhi raha,
Ujaale ki Umeed na honee par bhi Ujala hua
Zehen me khushi ke leher uthi jab na Jaane kaise yeh Karishma hua

Shayad Khudrat ka yahi fasana hai,
Jaan kar bhi baanta Insaan Anjaana hai,
Mushkiley bhale hi ho,
Par har Gehri Raat ke baad
ek Nayi Taazgi bhari Din to aana hai ;-)

Home Sweet Home

Its almost an year since I have had my first taste of independent stay away from cozy umbrella of Parents at home. Quite obvious but as many others I too have my own different set of tastes . First cool treat at Infy Mysore to pathetic loneliness of Hyderabad to Comfortable Bangalore to friendly Pune. But most important the experience of coming home has become altogether different changing little each time.

Developed stronger friends , friendship has become more dear and valuable but somehow gravity of interest in hangouts/picnics has reduced.I have certainly not become introvert but certainly become more comfortable in solitude.

A small sense of freedom of staying away from home seems to spread wings at the same time having a comfortable pull of the discipline inculcate at home.

Back home my own place seems to be a bit unfamiliar sometimes. My own drawer where I used to subconsciously place my usual daily accessories has become a bit unhabituated sometimes. You cant do a lot of things like unusual loud singing, dancing at anytime..Suddenly going on ride at night…etc…etc

But one thing we observe in any case there can be nothing as comfortable as home.

And nobody can love u as selflessly as ur own parents and no where will you find the warmnt as in ur own home.

Akela chal Akela chal

Hawa ki teeZ raftar se ladta chal

Asmaan ki unchaio se upar udta chal
Seema ki us kagar ko is kadar par kar
Teri phonch ko hi duniya assem rekha maaan kar,
   Raha hai chal

Ek Naayi Kaami!

Har Dost phele Ajnabhi hai

Har Baato me kuch Ankahi hai
Sab Kuch mil jaaye to maaza hi kya
Bus Socho kaise dhoonde usko

Jissseee milti
                    ....... ek Naayi kaami hai!!!

Mysore Days

Small Poem on Infy Mysore Training days
Dated : Jan 2007

With the heavy heart that i left Mysore

With the voices that are still clinging my ears
With tears that were rolling ...
Never believed that things wud change so fast....

Never believed that i wud get attached to any place like this
Never believed that i wud have such a funfilled life
Never thought even i dreams thats life makes its choicest blessings for small times

Thanks for having taught me a lesson
Thanks for taking me for a ride
Thanks for all the things that i got and missed

Trying hard to forget things
Trying hard to make up things
Trying hard to mend holes in my heart
what i cud only do is change my behaviour
but wonder why cud never change the feelign
wonder why cud never reach to the root of the problem

god knows where it starts from..

May be i cud alter its flow to my heart
May be i cud alter its flow to others heart
May be i cud bring happiness to some one atleast if not me...

May be i cud goto the past
May be i cud capture the moments atleast
May be i cud video record the moments and memories
May be i cud replay them and feel as if its the present rather than past

May be i cud stop thinking abt it .......  

Last day at Infosys

Cross posted from InfyBlogs
Dated : 18/01/2010

Hi Friends,

As some of you already know, today is my last day in Infosys.
Journey of 38 months had been nonetheless a roller-coaster ride…
Trying to thanks each one of you in this journey and re-calling a few sentimental encounters alike goes hand in hand with a risk of appearing a melodramatic fool but kindly let me take this small risk.... ;-)
This single mail I must confess can never be a tautology that could embrace and account for all my good times here but I will try my best to acknowledge all who have made this journey memorable.

My experience in Infy was an enriching one, technically, professionally & personally as I moved from ANAD – MFGD – BCMD (with D-dreams :D)

It is simply amazing yet true how in the course of slogging to meet the deadlines; listening to PMs and TLs about how I can do better; bunking our breakfast/lunches; crying out when losing all hopes to debug, we develop a strong and silent bond with "Infosys". However, one can’t forget to mention what great fun it was to spend 2 hours at lunch; picking the bag and sneaking from PA's eye to leave by 5:30; sometimes just wasting time for an hour for a "tea-break", etc., etc..

My whole-hearted thanks to all my managers and co-workers for your cooperation, support, guidance, help and inspiration.

Apart from work 2 more entities making this Journey memorable,
How can I forget to thank it 

1.Abhivyakti – The Infy Pune Cultural Club (as mentioned by our beloved core member), is like Java, it’s both a platform and language, it’s truly been coming together of like-minded people as well as a platform to showcase their existing talent and also teaching and learning from each other.

I am extremely thankful for giving opportunity to do a wide range of activities like dance (which used to extend late nights even post midnights ), Organizing (I will miss the mails and phone sessions), Skit (redoing till we get proper tone and expressions), Compeering (Trying to be funny without a Joke K), preparing Mailers (multiple reviews changing it multiple times :-S ), to some extent coding also(:P not really coding) giving a memorable On-Stage and Back-Stage experience.

I am extremely thankful to its strong pillar core-committee always being with me to guide me through as well as giving me an opportunity to be a part of it.

2. Jyot - I would say has been more of learning for me than to teach, the enthusiasm by housekeeping and volunteers alike had always been the supporting spark clearly visible in eyes of each one. Many thanks to it. Its video is a beloved memory for me to carry.

A dream called Infosys is over now and it’s time to move on with my Goals.

I hope I have shared a unique camaraderie which I hope will continue in the years to come even thought I shall not be here,

Please hit Ctrl+Shift+R giving one piece of gyan, (Copying your personal id) as a testimony of it
I wish you all the very best for your bright future and wish we meet up sometime and revisit the time we spent here.

“We meet to create memories. But we depart to preserve it,

Meeting and departing is the way of life but Departing and Meeting again is the hope of life”

This is meant to be not a good bye only “Hasta Luego” or “see you later”. Do stay in touch!

Warmest Regards,
Kiran Hegde

On Orkut and facebook – Kiran Hegde (hegdekiranr[at]gmail[dot]com)