Sunday, January 8, 2012

Every one has a heart too !!

"Where are you lost?" said Diana, Raj's team mate at her usual coffee time discussion at office

"Ohh nothing serious" - Actually I was reading Chetan Bhagat's new book Revolution 2020 and I was struck by these lines

"She (Aarti - a girl in the story) could never understand that losers(aka Gopal - himself who states this line), even if they do not have a brain, have a heart."

"So?" asked Diana

Nothing much! But its a humbling statement for me some how..
We lost patience over so many circumstances, people - a few of them our own very close and a few of them unknown..

"Example?" Diana asked again

"We some times feel some one has not done some piece of work up to a mark especially at work place  and so does someone else some times feels about you too..

But the catch is..
In a bracket of short time frame it feels as if some one is a loser but the question is do you or some one else thinks enough before reacting
Shouldn't we think a hundred times on how some one should be reacted
i.e. with due respect to the person..
Don't we have to remember that everyone has a heart too..?

This is one example..
"The wierd ways Parents react when you do mistakes, before you react you have to remember they have a heart too..
Ditto for your child too, you need to remember that it has got a heart which might get hurt!
So on and so forth for your friends, few of those Skeptical relatives or even your closest loved one.. ;-)"

"Got it!!Makes lot of sense!!"
"Cheers man.. "

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