Friday, July 27, 2007

Farewell to Bangalore

Finally it like my 5 months of waiting for getting transferred to Pune has neared…
Now as I look back that I m gonna leave Bangalore a nostalgic feeling engulfs me. I can just see I have become more attachéd to Bangalore than even Mysore. I have ultimately developed stronger friends after coming to Bangalore(Though they may not be in Bangalore) than had in training days in Mysore
May be I personally don’t meet them everyday but single “hi” in the hectic schedule has become more valuable. I have tend to have note genuinity in simple “how r u” and my “how r u :” is also embedded with genuine concern now-a-days
Happy to think as I look back , there were no fights but constant pulling legs. The chuckles and laughs still keep clinging my ears. The vibrations of EOD shout @ home “MAMU” and he replying back “YES BHANJE” still there in my ears. The smell of cool office air still seems to fill my nose…
I am persistent on going to Pune but I have to say that I m attached to Bangalore
Only that I can say is
I LOVE BANGALORE and will keep missing u allllll!!!!
Please stay in touch FOREVER!!!

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  1. nice blog , kiran...
    its nice to read genuine thoughts.
    keep writing dude !


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