Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why few Hindi Movies are Impractical?

Rahul & Sonam are back after watching the movie "Barfi" and Rahul had an opinion!!

Rahul: Its a good movie from conceptual point, extremely well acted, enacted but absolutely impractical from a real life stand point...
A sane lady can have soft corner for a dumb & deaf guy is understandable, she may also help him at various   point in life, But "love" for what reason? - Just coz he is a good clown?

Sonam:  Rahul in first place you are being a little insensitive to people with disabilities that's not right!

Rahul : Ok sorry about that, I didn't mean to be insensitive but then..In the end she says She could have been in place of Jhilmil as his wife but since Jhilmil loved her without being judgmental about him and not thinking of consequences so they lived Happily ever after...
That's too good too be true, a typical movie's perfect story lines and superlatively perfect situations..
The probability that one falls into right situations without analyzing the situation? 10% ? 20% ? 50% ? and chances of 100% ?
The probability of a person who kidnaps being good, then probability of him taking care of her perfectly well after he elopes to a distant place in Kolkata, the probability that he wont take any undue advantage of her in anyway?

Sonam : Love is abstract without much reasoning at times...
Rahul : Ok! Agree with you but such perfect situations are true like you said "at times" or at-least not most of the times, its not that easy - A common man juggles and struggles just for basics and essentials..
And the movies shows its a easy life with Only "Love"..
"Love" like "Money" is important but then its not one and only thing that would be self-sufficient in itself!

Sonam : Makes sense but then its just a movie..
Rahul : Ya it is "Just" a Movie, but don't these movies influence our mind? Thereby painting an irrational, impractical picture about "Love and Life", Given that handling of such situations are not taught in school Movies happen to be potential power..

Sonal : Hahaha ! And seems like you are jealous of its power!! :-P
Rahul : Lol! I am too small to be jealous, but then to make a point, When the movies went through an era of Love based eloping they were statistically on rise and so on when parental consent were treated as important in movies and serials "that" was on rise and so on for suicides etc etc...

Sonam: But movies will always have freedom of expression, anything concept marketable, sell-able & legal is enough!
Rahul: Hmmmm and our opinions about them - increase their Marketability :-)

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