Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP - Steve Jobs

Today being a festive day, after the customary stuff which went on till we finished noon lunch, just got into a regular channel wandering with remote..
Interestingly some Hindi News channel displaying Steve Jobs video got me hooked still no clue that he is no more :-(
There was some thing that was gathering on back of my mind - whats wrong??
Oops, he is 'No more!!' :-(

I spent almost whole evening browsing about him..
Opened my Reading List window to see below - It was just all about him...

And my mom was like - Its OK, why don't u guys stop discussing it..
But I could hardly explain her - In what way he has inspired each one of us!

RIP - Steve Jobs!


  1. The world has lost someone who really maked this world a better world with apple products , Steve jobs Rest in peace.

  2. RIP Steve Jobs.. :(

    And yeah, I remember that day well...

  3. Steve was a product of unique set of genes, circumstances and an era when the USA was really at the top. When the first generation of American's started to question western values - a generation that didn't accept anything as gospel truth. Born to highly educated parents - a Muslim father and a Christian mother, he was raised by midle class Christian parents that were not as educated. In college he was influenced by the ISKON movement at the height of the hippie days and dropped out to spend some time in India. He never believed in conformity and always thought out of the box. His philosophy and role models are wonderfully documented in this Apple ad:

    Today, we can truly add his name to the list of all the people mentioned in the ad.

  4. Ohh thats cool information .. I guess I havent read it anywhere... The ad is wonderfull!!! :-)


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